More than just tornadoes

As the U.S. dives headlong into another severe weather season I think it’s important to note that severe damage can happen in the absence of a tornado.
Just recently a potent weather system on March 25, 2021 led to an outbreak of tornadoes across Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee…some of which were strong to violent. In addition to those tornadoes very strong microburst winds caused damage as well.
In Tennessee a big tornado with a width of 350 yards was on the ground for over 22 miles. It was classified as an EF-3 with estimated winds of 130 mph.
As you can imagine there was quite a bit of damage.
There were also a couple of massive microbursts in East Nashville each on the ground for 40 miles with a damage path 4 miles wide!
These gusts hit 85 mph, which is the equivalent to an EF-0 tornado.

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Strong storms caused damage in Tennessee March 25, 2021

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