See? “Weather Is Everything”

It’s worth about $9 Billion a day!

OK, the big container ship was “un-wedged” from the Suez Canal March 29, 2021 after blocking worldwide cargo traffic for 6 days.

The canal handles around 12% of seaborne trade, making it an essential point of passage. Each day of blockage disrupted more than $9 billion worth of goods, according to The Associated Press, citing estimates from Lloyd’s List.

According to published reports, a strong sandstorm caused by winds in excess of 40 mph is a primary culprit in how the massive 400 meter (1312 ft.) Ever Given got turned sideways and wedged into one of the most vital passageways on the planet. The sandstorm occurred around March 23rd, 2021.

It goes to show again what I always say…”Weather Is Everything”.

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