2011 Tornado Super Outbreak

Prior to the spring of 2011, the record number of tornadoes in a single month was 542, set in May 2004, while the record for April was only 267. The 2011 Tornado Super Outbreak by contrast, had 362 confirmed tornadoes. A powerful low-pressure system combined with moist and unstable atmospheric conditions to produce this now-infamousContinue reading “2011 Tornado Super Outbreak”

I thought I knew a lot about dogs.

Having been around dog for most of my life you get a good sense of their wants, needs, enjoyments, ailments and irritants. There’s no doubt I love dogs. Now, I’m not an exclusive dog person, with “grand-kittens” like these how could I not but be smitten be felines also? My good friend Brody is justContinue reading “I thought I knew a lot about dogs.”

From Kitty Hawk to Mars

The speed of technological development and innovation is dizzing. On December 17, 1903 the Wright Flyer achieved the first powered flight in human history. This morning NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter took flight on another planet. NASA’s experimental helicopter Ingenuity rose into the thin air above the dusty red surface of Mars on Monday, achieving the firstContinue reading “From Kitty Hawk to Mars”

Weather and war

You’ve seen my “Weather Is Everything” tagline here on the WXPERT site. Sadly, weather has played a major role in armed conflict throughout human history. Data extracted from the oldest surviving document recording Korean history shows a strong correlation between extreme weather events and war. The research, which was recently published as a study inContinue reading “Weather and war”

Cold, cold, cold cloud temps!

Holy long underwear! A new paper led by Dr. Simon Proud, research fellow at the Department of Physics and the National Center for Earth Observation, reveals the coldest cloud-top temperature in a severe thunderstorm cloud in the Pacific, observed by an Earth-orbiting satellite. This temperature of -111°C is more than 30°C colder than typical stormContinue reading “Cold, cold, cold cloud temps!”

Where was the “Guthrie Gibson”?

Now that the “Guthrie Gibson” is safely on its way to Tulsa I can tell you the repairs done to it were executed by the extraordinarily talented Edward Dick at Victor Guitars https://victorguitar.com/ on South Broadway. Edward also teaches the art of lutherie there at the shop. The Colorado School of Lutherie is where skillContinue reading “Where was the “Guthrie Gibson”?”